I’m about to show you how to give away $6133 in Bonuses to Help You Earn an Unlimited Supply of Recurring ClickFunnels affiliate commissions using this Viral Affiliate Marketing Funnel
My name is Chris Fong and I've been using this very funnel to help me earn 6-figures a year in affiliate commissions.  

This Viral Affiliate Marketing Funnel is specifically designed so both newbies and experts can make money with it.  It combines the power of ClickFunnels,  solo ads and my Done-For-You Bonuses to help you earn your first affiliate commissions.  

How does it work?

First, I'm going to give you $6133 in bonuses for you to signup for ClickFunnels under my link.  Don't worry, it comes with a 14-day free trial and you get to keep these bonuses for yourself no matter what.
Next, you are going to turn around and use these same bonuses to incentivize others to sign up for ClickFunnels under YOUR affiliate link.  You will do this by sending paid traffic to this viral funnel (which I will give you) using solo ads.

Not only will you be earning lifetime recurring ClickFunnels commissions, but you will be earning affiliate commissions from 3 other companies as well: ActiveCampaign, Udimi and ClickMagick.

The more traffic you send, the more money you will make.  It's super simple and I'm going to provide you with all the training you need to make it work.  

To get started, just follow the steps below:

Step 1: Start your 14-Day ClickFunnels Free Trial
ClickFunnels is a software for building sales funnels (like what you're looking at here).  It's what makes this entire viral affiliate marketing funnel work.  

Once you sign up, you'll have 14-days FREE to try out this system and ensure it starts making your first affiliate commissions.
These are the $6133 worth of ClickFunnels bonuses you will be getting when you signup through the link above:
Bonus #1: Unlimited Email Support ($997 Value)
 I make money only if you succeed with this system. So I will be personally helping you out and making sure this system is earning you affiliate commissions. 

You’ll be getting your very own ClickFunnels mentor, who’s a 6-figure a year affiliate.

I’ll help you get started using and promoting ClickFunnels the right way, and you can leverage my own successes and failures to help you win that ClickFunnels Dream Car.
Bonus #2: Robo Contact account ($3564/year Value)
Robo Contact is an awesome tool that will instantly connect you with your dream clients.

It lets you search for targeted leads and contact them by automatically filling out contact forms on your lead’s sites. You can also cold email leads from the software as well.

This makes Robo Contact the perfect tool to use if you plan to use ClickFunnels to build or market funnels to local clients. Normally, the Robo Contact platinum plan sells for $297 per month. But you will be getting it free as part of this bonus offer.
Bonus #3: Sticky Reviews account ($564/year Value)
Have you see those real-time social proof popups that are becoming so popular these days? 

Now you can add this proven conversion booster to your ClickFunnels funnels with your new Sticky Reviews account.

The software allows you to manually upload or automatically collect reviews from your actual customers. It’s one of the easiest ways to add social proof to your site, which will definitely increase your sales.
Bonus #4: CF Share Funnel Library White-Label rights  ($297 value)
The best way to make a lot of money as a ClickFunnels affiliate is to utilize share funnels.

You can use them as lead magnets, bonuses or just study how some of these mega successful funnels work.

I’ve put together a list of 46 different share funnels, including several million dollar share funnels, as part of my CF Funnel Library.

With the white-label rights, you’ll be able to add your own affiliate share funnel links into this document, and use it as your own lead magnet or ClickFunnels bonus.
Bonus #5: The Ultimate List of Lifetime Recurring Affiliate Programs White-Label rights ($297 value)
I’ve been maintaining a Google Sheet that currently contains a list of 122 lifetime recurring affiliate programs. It’s the largest list of its kind and you can view it right here. It’s constantly being updated as I find new affiliate programs.

With the white-label rights to this document, you can pass it off as your own and add links back to your own site if you wish. It also works really well as a lead magnet or as a resource you can give away on your blog or Facebook group.
Bonus #6: Million Dollar Ad Swipe Library White-Label rights ($197 value)
I took a look at the Facebook ads of 40 of the top internet entrepreneurs and created this amazing swipe file for you to study and use.

Inside, you’ll see the entire ad copy and images of millionaire marketers like Russell Brunson, Dan Henry, Kaelin Poulin, Liz Benny, Drew Manning, Kevin David and more.

You can use this resource as an inspiration for your own Facebook ads or use it as a great lead magnet to give away as well and build your email list.
Bonus #7: Group Convert Silver Account ($197 value)
Setting up your own Facebook Group is an awesome way to build your brand, and promote the products you love to use, including ClickFunnels.

But what would make your group even better is if you had access to all your member’s email addresses. You can do this manually, but it’s time consuming and tedious. 

Instead, use the Group Convert Google Chrome extension I’ll be giving you, to capture your FB group leads with just one-click.

I’ll be giving you one Silver Plan account which lets you manage up to 3 FB groups with it. This normally would cost you $10 a month, but you’ll be getting this amazing bonus for free.
Bonus #8: Bonus Vault ($97 value)
Speaking of bonuses, what’s the secret to making more affiliate commissions with ClickFunnels or any other affiliate program?

It’s by offering the best bonus packages. The problem is that most of us don’t have time to create good, high converting bonuses that people will actually want.

By getting access to the Bonus Vault, you’ll be able to choose from 40 different bonus products as incentives for people to click on your affiliate links.
Step 2: Enter your ClickFunnels affiliate ID
Login to your ClickFunnels account.  Click on your avatar on the top right and select the Account Details menu.

On the next page, look for Affiliate Settings and click the Expand button.  Then copy and paste your affiliate id into the text box below.

Then press the button below to get your bonuses and proceed with the setup.